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What rules the House of God?
The Way The Truth The Life         Jesus

According to Scripture what does Jesus say we are to do in following Him in our living?

The Golden Rule             Matthew 7:12 
“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

Reconciliation or Conflict Resolution           Matthew 18:15-17 

Rather than gossip we are to go first to the person we have a problem with. If the following is done most conflicts are resolved. We are to help one another .....



Greetings in Christ!

The end of summer is here. The calendar says it is now Autumn, but we live in Wisconsin. We know we really only have two seasons, Winter and road construction. You’ve all heard that joke before 😊. The truth is, we are blessed here to have all 4 seasons. We are given a warm, beautiful, green springtime, a warm (sometimes HOT/HUMID) summer, a beautiful fall season with all sorts of colors, and of course winter. It is amazing to me the different reactions I get when I greet people coming into church on Sunday mornings or Saturday nights. One person will say “it’s too hot, (cold, etc.)”, the next “it’s too windy” the next “isn’t it beautiful”. I sometimes think we might be in a Goldilocks movie!

As I sit to write this newsletter article, I am struck by our complaining about the weather and our little inconveniences and I compare it with ......


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